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Freelancing Information

I have been, more or less, freelancing since I was ten years old. I started with 'points' on DeviantArt back in 2007, and now I'm an adult making real money in exchange for ten years worth of study & talent!

General Information

Unless stated otherwise, my commissions are always open! Because of some Negative Nancys in the past, there are a few precautions I go through when accepting commissions. I have a contract, and I require all payments to be done either through Etsy, or via a Square invoice. Please to not hesitate to contact me for your dream projects!

Find a detailed price list here:
Find a full list of my terms & conditions here:
Find my contract here, and if you fill it out please email me first!:


My illustrations range from simple sketches, to full blown paintings.
I offer both digital & traditional works. My traditional works have a slightly higher price point, as with those you will get the original piece of art when I am done! :) I also offer stylized portraits and am good with style mimicry.
To see examples of my Illustrations, please visit my Facebook or Tumblr! :)

Graphic Design

I can do anything from flyers to pamphlets to logos & icons! I pride myself on my ability to successfully create branding elements that go together seamlessly. My logos start at $130 for small/indie/etsy companies, and $300 for bigger businesses & rebrandings. Feel free to message me about your project! To see examples of graphic design, you can visit the front page of my website, or look on my facebook page.


I do fashion, family, & business photography currently. I am very interested in doing event photography as well! My fashion photography begins at $60, my couples/family photography sessions start at $140. To see my photography, go over to my photography-specific facebook page at "Keikii Photography".


{to see examples of animation, see the 'Animation Portfolio' page!}
My animations start at $150 for logos and go up from there. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information!

Web Design & Coding

Web design starts at $300. I currently do not do coding for freelance. Thanks!

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